Arrianna M. Planey


  • M.A. Social Sciences, University of Chicago
  • B.A. History, University of California, Berkeley

 Arrianna M. Planey is a 4th year PhD student (candidate as of Fall 2018). 

Who I am & What I do:

I am a human geographer whose research falls within health and medical geography. My dissertation work examines the effects of gaps in Medicare coverage on hearing healthcare (audiologist) service access and utilization, as well as outcomes associated with health care inequities among people with disabilities in the U.S.. My work is situated in the context of political economy of healthcare systems (health policy, clinical training landscapes, interprofessional practice) and its effects at multiple scales- from county-level provider availability and supply to the space of the clinic. My methods include spatial analysis, spatial epidemiology, statistical methods, and qualitative approaches (in-depth interviews, content analysis). 

Having completed a year in a clinical Audiology (AuD) program, I have a strong sense of the epistemological grounding of clinicians in the field. Moreover, as a deaf person, I draw from my own experience with accessing treatment for hearing loss. Ultimately, I aim to make a case for health policy that treats our bodies as an integrated whole, rather than a sum of differentially valued parts.

As a health geographer, I am concerned with questions of (in)equity in health and health care in social space/place. Overall, my interests center on the overlap between (legally, historically, socially) constructed spaces, resource allocation, bodies on the move, and their well-being as members of communities.

My work is generously supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Research Scholars (HPRS) program.

Recent Publications

Planey A.M., McNeil Smith S., Moore S., & Walker T. (2019). Barriers and Facilitators to Mental Health Help-Seeking among African American Youth and their Families: A Systematic Review Study. Children and Youth Services Review. Volume 101, June 2019, 190-200. DOI:

Planey A.M. (2019). Hearing Healthcare Availability and Supply in the United States: A Multi-Scale Spatial and Political Economic Analysis. Social Science and Medicine. 222. 216-224. DOI:

Bigman C.A., Smith M., Williamson L.D., Planey A.M., & McNeil Smith S. Selective sharing on social media: Examining the effects of race-related disparate impact frames on intentions to retransmit news stories among U.S. college students. New Media and Society. DOI: