Ryan Keeling

    Ryan is a Masters student of the Rivers, Watersheds, and Landscape Dynamics program in the Geography and Geographic Information Science Department at UIUC. His research interests include the applications of GIS and Remote Sensing in assessing the human impacts on watershed quality, river restoration, and vegetation – water interactions. His Master’s thesis will investigate the physical characteristics of the Sullivan Creek Watershed (Northeast Washington) in respect to fish habitat at the riverscape scale using GIS, remote sensing, and field surveys as his primary research tools. Ryan also holds a 50% Research Assistantship at the USACE Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) in Champaign, IL.

    He became interested in rivers, ecology, and geomorphology during his time as undergraduate and research assistant at the University of Michigan – Dearborn where he studied Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Geography, and GIS. Along with working as a student naturalist at the campus’ Environmental Interpretive Center, and as a proctor in the GIS lab, he assisted on research projects that investigated the restoration of western Lake Erie coastal wetlands and the impact of (sub)urbanization on the Rouge River watershed of Southeast Michigan. He hopes to apply the skills that he has gained at UMD and UIUC to work as an Environmental Consultant or continue as US government researcher.

    Hobbies: cycling, hiking, camping, backpacking, running, traveling, and cooking