Dr. Bruce Rhoads Awarded National Great Rivers Research & Educational Center Fellowship

Posted on 01/15/2016 | Matt Cohn
The National Great Rivers Research and Educational Center (NGRREC) was established over a decade ago as a partnership between Lewis and Clark Community College and UIUC, including what is now the Prairie Research Institute. During 2011, the founding partners of NGRREC agreed to targeted investments and activities over the next three years. Generally, these investments are intended to advance the trajectory of NGRREC as the pre-eminent research and educational program focused on large rivers and their watersheds, including the human-related activities sustained in these settings.

Illinois is committing resources to establish an NGRREC Faculty Fellows Program to ramp up faculty involvement in NGRREC. In the future, we expect to see Illinois-NGRREC teams successfully competing for external funding in order to further develop collaborations.

Congratulations to Professor Rhoads!