Geography & GIScience Course Syllabi

Please email with specific syllabus requests, or if a course is not listed.

100-Level Courses

GEOG 101: Global Development & Environment
GEOG 103: Earth's Physical Systems
GEOG 104: Social and Cultural Geography
GEOG 105: The Digital Earth
GEOG/ESE 106: Geographies of Globalization

200-Level Courses

GEOG 204: Cities of the World
GEOG/BADM 205: Business Location Decisions
GEOG/ESE 210: Social & Environmental Issues
GEOG/GEOL 222: Big Rivers of the World

300-Level Courses

GEOG/ESE 350: Sustainability and the City
GEOG 356: Geography of South Asia
GEOG 370: Water Planet, Water Crisis
GEOG 371: Spatial Analysis
GEOG/ESE 379: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 380: GIS II - Spatial Problem Solving
GEOG 384: Population Geography

400-Level Courses

GEOG 401: Watershed Hydrology
GEOG 406: Fluvial Geomorphology
GEOG 408: Watershed Analysis
GEOG 412: Geospatial Technology and Society
GEOG 438: Geography of Health Care
GEOG 440: Business Applications of GIS
GEOG 455: Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
GEOG 460: Aerial Photo Analysis
GEOG 465: Transportation and Sustainability
GEOG/ESE 466: Environmental Policy
GEOG 468: Biological Modeling
GEOG 471: Recent Trends in Geographic Thought
GEOG 473: Map Compilation and Construction
GEOG 476: Applied GIS to Environmental Studies
GEOG/NRES 477: Introduction to Remote Sensing
GEOG 478: Techniques of Remote Sensing
GEOG 480: Principles of GIS
GEOG 483: Urban Geography
GEOG 484: Cities, Crime, and Space
GEOG 489: Programming for GIS
GEOG 493: Democracy and Environment
GEOG 496: Climate and Social Vulnerability

500-Level Courses

GEOG 520: Political Ecology
GEOG 594: Seminar in Social Geography
GEOG 595: Spaces of Marxism