Rea Zaimi

    My research explores the political economy of land in Rust Belt cities. In my current work on Chicago, I combine archival and ethnographic methods to examine the mechanisms that embed race – as a modality of differential (de)valuation crucial for capital's circulation – within the economic, legal, and institutional infrastructures shaping access to land. 



    Courses Taught

    • GEOG 106: Geographies of Globalization (Instructor; Fall 2016)
    • GEOG 495: Geographies of Social Difference (Instructor; Fall 2019; At Danville Correctional Facility through UIUC Education Justice Project)
    • GEOG 210: Social and Environmental Issues (Instructor; Winter 2017)
    • GEOG 210: Social and Environmental Issues (TA; Spring 2018)
    • GEOG 466: Environmental Policy (TA; Spring 2016)