Rea Zaimi

    Broadly, my research interests center on questions of substantive citizenship, urban infrastructures, transnational activism, and the framing of environmental problems and urban sustainability solutions. I have explored such questions in the politics of waste management in Dakar. There, I have examined the implications of an impending waste management reform, pursued in the name of sustainability, for informal waste workers. I have examined the workers' mobilization to contest the reform, with particular attention to their ties to international civil society groups and how this kind of transnational activism around issues of environment and labor influences informal workers' capacity to impact political decision making toward a more inclusive reform. Currently, I am expanding this research while focusing more closely on waste management infrastructures as sites of struggle between various visions of the city and interests over its resources. I am particularly interested in how infrastructural reforms disturb the social architectures behind the city's built environment just as they create possibilities for more inclusive infrastructural arrangements or generate social mobilizations that can have transformative implications for formulations of citizenship.