Hao Hu


  • University at Buffalo
  • Nanjing University

Hao Hu is a fifth year Ph. D. student in Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Before he came to UIUC, he got his M.S. degree in Geography from University at Buffalo and B.S. degree in Geographic Information System from Nanjing University, China.


Research interests:

  • Geographic information science and systems (GIS)
  • Spatial decision support system powered by cyberinfrastructure-based GIS (cyberGIS)
  • Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis coupling spatial data and spatial optimization models
  • Bayesian spatiotemporal data analytics
  • Applications to agricultural and environmental studies

Selected research activities:

  • Bayesian spatiotemporal modeling on county-level crop yield data
  • Stochastic programming for strategic biomass supply chain optimization
  • Led the design and development of TopoLens, a community data service for on-demand high-resolution topographic data access, analysis, customization, visualization, and sharing
  • Led the design and development of CyberGIS-BioScope, a web decision support system for optimizing biomass supply chain logistics and operation