Shakil Bin Kashem


  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • MURP, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology
  • BURP, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

Shakil Bin Kashem is interested in multifaceted applications of geospatial technologies, and ways to incorporate them in GIScience pedagogy. Trained as an urban and regional planner, his research interests center on social vulnerability, climate change adaptation, urban growth modeling, and disaster risk management. He is interested in exploring how plans and policies, particularly in the realm of climate change concerns, are influencing socially vulnerable populations and what are the challenges for ensuring just and equitable outcomes from the policy initiatives. He explored the changing patterns of social vulnerability in a multi-hazard urban environment in his doctoral dissertation, and specifically examined the role of low-income housing policies in this process. Dr. Kashem is also a CyberGIS Fellow (2014-2015) and currently working with educators and researchers from multiple disciplines to develop CyberGIS education materials and curricula.