GGIS Annual Alumni Newsletters

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 Fall 2018

  • Department receives Candace Penn Frame (BS, '72) Endowment
  • Pacific Northwest Summer Field Course
  • Letter from Department Head: Dr. Shaowen Wang
  • Letter from outgoing Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Julie Cidell
  • Alumni Achievement Award: Dr. Mark Armstrong
  • Dr. Mei-Po Kwan Receives AAG Stanley Brunn Award for Creativity in Geography
  • Dr. Bruce Rhoads Elected AAG Fellow
  • Faculty Promotion: Dr. Julie Cidell
  • Faculty Awards & Honors
  • Emeritus Faculty Updates
  • Graduate Student Profile: Arrianna Planey
  • Graduate Student Awards & Honors
  • New Graduate Students
  • PSM in GIS Program Update

fall 2017

 Fall 2017

  • Greetings from the Natural History Building!
  • Dr. Janice Monk Receives Inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award
  • Letters from Dr. Shaowen Wang & Dr. McLafferty
  • Prof. Sivapalan Receives Alfred Wegener Medal
  • Dr. Cienciala's EELS Lab Launches New Stream Habitat Field Site
  • Political Ecology Symposium to Honor Prof. Tom Bassett
  • New Faculty Profiles Chunyuan Diao
  • Graduate Student Profile: Yoo Min Park
  • Prof. Jim Best - Piracy on the Slims River
  • Faculty Honors and Awards
  • Professional Science Master's in GIS - Class of 2017 Internships, Welcome Class of 2018
  • New Graduate Student Profiles, Fall 2016 & Fall 2017 cohorts
  • In Memoriam: Prof. John Thompson
  • Student Awards and Scholarships
  • Staff Updates: Susan Etter Retires


fall 2016

Fall 2016

  • Professor Kwan Awarded Guggenheim Fellowship
  • Natural History Building Renovation Update
  • Letter from Dr. McLafferty
  • Graduate Student Profile: Melissa Heil
  • Exchange Program Established with Heidelberg University Institute of Geography
  • Professor Bassett Retires
  • Exploring Cities, Crime, and Space with Dr. Jefferson
  • New Faculty Profiles: Shakil Kashem & Piotr Cienciala
  • Howard Roepke Undergraduate Scholarship Profiles
  • Evans and Judith Mank Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Professional Science Master's in GIS - Class of 2017
  • New Graduate Student Profiles


Fall 2015

  • Geography & GIS Earns Top National Ranking
  • Cities and Metropolitan Areas Graduate Specialization
  • Messina Stanley Graduate Scholarship
  • Celebrating 25 Years of the Regional Economics Applications Lab (REAL)
  • Cities of the World - City Profiles
  • Faculty Research Updates: Bruce Rhoads, Jonathan Greenberg, and Mei-Po Kwan
  • Faculty Promotion: Trevor Birkenholtz
  • New Faculty Profile: Brian Jefferson
  • Graduate Student Profile: Pronoy Rai
  • New Graduate Student Profiles
  • Howard Roepke Research Scholarship Profiles

2014 newsletter

Spring 2014

  • Memories of Davenport Hall
  • iGIScience Symposium
  • Dr. Jim Best: Surveying floods on the Mekong River
  • New Faculty Profiles: Trevor Birkenholtz and Mei-Po Kwan
  • Faculty Promotions: Ashwini Chhatre, Heath Robinson, and Shaowen Wang
  • Graduate Student Profile: Michael Minn
  • New Graduate student introductions
  • Roepke Study Abroad Scholarship profiles: Stephanie Mundis and Russell Pildes
  • In memoriam: Professor Donald Lee Johnson


Winter 2013 Geography newsletter

Winter 2013

  • Departmental name change
  • Howard and Ruth Roepke Scholarships
  • Faculty Profile: Dr. Ezekiel Kalipeni
  • Faculty Promotions: Jesse Ribot and Julie Cidell
  • Graduate Student Profile: April Colette
  • New Faculty/Staff: Heath Robinson and Matt Cohn
  • Faculty Research: Dr. Shaowen Wang's CIGI Lab and CyberGIS
  • New Graduate Student Introductions
  • Class Notes





Winter 2011 Geography newsletter

Winter 2011

  • Professor Jesse Ribot: Responsive Forest Governance Initiative (RFGI)
  • Discipline Profile: Geographic Information Science (GIS)
  • Mississippi River flooding
  • Faculty Promotions: Professors Colin Flint and Shaowen Wang
  • PhD Program receives high rating
  • Fulbright Grants awarded: Hal Fischer and Richelle Bernazzoli
  • Professor Tom Basset: Atlas of World Hunger
  • Graduate Student Profiles: Eric Shook and Charles Fogelman
  • New Graduate Student Introductions






Fall 2010

  • Stephanie Baglia's Special Undergraduate Research on the Environment (SURE) Grant
  • 'Green' building research
  • Professor Chhatre receives NSF Award
  • New Staff Profile: Susan Houston
  • Professors Thorn and Hannon retire
  • Research Profile: Miriam Cope
  • Faculty Profile: Professor Sivapalan
  • Graduate Student Profile: Richelle Bernazzoli
  • Alumni Proflie: Tony Adduci
  • New Graduate Student Introductions






Fall 2009

  • Professors Rhoads and Best study the Mackey Bend Cutoff Channel
  • Professor Colin Flint becomes Director of ACDIS
  • Professor Jesse Ribot launches Social Dimensions of Environmental Policy (SDEP)
  • Professor Kalipeni receives promotion
  • Bronze Tablet recipients: Alexander Beata and Frances Levy
  • Welcome: Susan Etter
  • Faculty Profile: Ashwini Chhatre
  • Graduate Student profile: Shane Csiki
  • Professor Shaowen Wang receives NSF Award
  • Alumni Profile: Sam Batzli
  • Undergraduate Student Profile: Sam Adduci
  • New Graduate Student Introductions



Summer 2008

  • Geography Department joins the School of Earth, Society and Environment
  • Center for Water as a Complex Environmental System (CWACES)
  • Creation of Geographic Information Science program
  • David Wilson publishes Cities and Race
  • Student profile
  • Amy Schultz
  • Graduate Student Profile
  • Betsy Beymer
  • New Faculty Introductions: Ashwini Chhatre, Julie Cidell, Shaowen Wang
  • West Lakes AAG Meeting
  • Professor Tom Bassett's Clothing Mapping project
  • Tom Frank retires