Jessica Zinger LeRoy

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Jessica Zinger LeRoy

Graduate Student

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Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • Earth surface processes
  • Fluvial geomorphology, morphodynamics and sedimentology
  • Long and short term effects of meander bend cutoffs on flow structure and channel planform
  • Comparisons of rivers and submarine channels

Research Description

  • Chute Cutoff Morphodynamics (with Jim Best and Bruce Rhoads)

    We are monitoring the evolving flow velocity structure and morphologic change occuring at a recent chute cutoff on the Wabash River, IL-IN using hydroacoustic techniques, GPS surveys, sediment sampling and aerial photographs.  We will also conduct fixed bed and mobile bed experiments in an idealized meander cutoff in the Ven Te Chow Hydrosystems laboratory at UIUC.

    Hydraulic Geometry of Submarine Channels (with Kory Konsoer and Gary Parker)

    We have compiled hydraulic geometry data for submarine channels from extant literature for comparison with the hydraulic geometry of river channels.  Formative discharges for the submarine channels have been calculated using a modified Chezy equation.

    Hilbert-Huang Analysis (with Kory Konsoer and Bruce Rhoads)

    We are currently assessing the utility of Hilbert-Huang analysis for a variety of applications in fluvial systems.

    Sedimentology and geomorphology of the Bermejo River (with Jim Best and Greg Sambrook-Smith)

    The Bermejo River, Argentina is an actively migrating fine grained meandering river with an extremely high suspended sediment concentration.  The sedimentology of this river is being explored using a Parametric Echo-Sounder to image the sedimentary structure below the river bed.  We are also studying the channel morphology and the spatial distribution of meander cutoffs using Landsat images.


  • M.S. Geography, University of Illinois (2011)
  • B.S. Physics, University of Michigan (2009)
  • B.S. Earth Science, University of Michigan (2009)


Journal Articles

  • Konsoer, Kory M., Jessica A. Zinger, and Gary Parker. "Bankfull hydraulic geometry of submarine channels created by turbidity currents: Relations between bankfull channel characteristics and formative flow discharge." Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 118 (2013): 216-228. 20 Mar. 2013. < >.
  • Sambrook Smith, Gregory H., James L. Best, Oscar Orfeo, Mark E. Vardy, and Jessica A. Zinger. "Decimeter-scale in situ mapping of modern cross-bedded dune deposits using parametric echo sounding: A new method for linking river processes and their deposits." Geophysical Research Letters 40 (2013): 1-5. 1 Aug. 2013. <>.
  • Zinger, Jessica A., Bruce L. Rhoads, Jim L. Best, and Kevin K. Johnson. "Flow structure and channel morphodynamics of meander bend chute cutoffs: A case study of the Wabash River, USA." Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 118 (2013): 2468-2487.
  • Zinger, Jessica A., Bruce L. Rhoads, and Jim L. Best. "Extreme sediment pulses generated by cutoffs along a large meandering river." Nature Geoscience 4 (2011): 675-678. 11 Sep. 2011. < >.